Geri Leijon

Melbourne Based

Geri Leijon, owner and Director is available for auditing your wardrobes. Geri has been dressing and styling women for success in Australia for nearly 40 years. Geri has a reputation for sourcing ‘classic edge’ styles from across the globe, creating client wardrobes that are as unique and chic as her loyal clientele.

Nikki Casey

Melbourne & Sydney Based

Nikki’s background in sales, marketing and training has a common thread running through it…. a strong passion for fashion and style.

Starting in teaching, her career encompassed retail fashion, modelling, sales/marketing, advertising and running her own Image Consultancy for 10 years. Nikki has extensive experience in high level corporate and personal training and styling. (Shell Australia, Jenny Craig, Hyatt on Collins, AMP Insurance Ltd, SIO, Leisure and Allied Entertainment, CUB, Anzpac Services)
In recent years, she has focussed on assisting emerging professionals and their partners to become the architects of their own style.

Her focus has always been on empowering the individual, through development of self confidence and self esteem.

She partners women and men in developing their own signature style.

Nikki brings her skills together with empathy, imparting knowledge to help her clients develop their own fashion personalities …. what to wear, how and when to wear it.

Her philosophy ….. “It’s a partnership”

Mary Forte

Melbourne Based

Mary has been associated with Wesson for 15 years and is in store every Wednesday for styling. She can be contacted on 03 94991992 for bookings at the shop and for bookings at our Style by Wesson event.

Mary is also a qualified personal trainer.

Helen Robinett

Melbourne Based

Helen’s expertise lies in styling and coaching leaders and emerging professional leaders. She chairs the board for TRY Australia and is a director for Borderline Personality Disorder Community Victoria. She understands the science behind first impressions and will work with you to create your personal brand.

She is known for being a bit of a rebel and disrupter of the so called styling rules. She will guide you towards having a wardrobe that works for your business and life. One that is sustainable and works across all elements of your life for the roles that you play. You will have pieces that you love and understand why quality matters and ‘go to’ pieces are essential in your wardrobe.

Julie Hyne

Melbourne & Perth Based

Julie Hyne is an internationally renowned and accredited Stylist and Image consultant who has worked in industries where image and style are vitally important, including the airline industry, hospitality and Corporations. Julie helps individuals identify and display their unique style that in turn creates presence, instills confidence, and attracts opportunities in their personal and professional lives. Julie works with fashion to create easy and memorable style for women of all ages.

Julie is accredited with the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), and holds a Board Position for the Melbourne Chapter. Julie also holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Modelling, Certificate in TV and Media Presenting, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Evelyn Lundström

Sydney Based

Evelyn takes the guesswork out of looking good! She is Wesson’s senior stylist in Sydney and loves the fun and camaraderie enjoyed by her’s and her consultant’s clients at the bi-yearly Style By Wesson events.

As a trusted advisor and coach, Evelyn delights in helping her clients improve their personal image, grooming and presentation style to achieve their highest goals. Evelyn’s work takes a unique, two-fold approach. The first step is in recognising the individual expressions of beauty in each client, and teaching them how to be at their visual peak. Secondly, Evelyn encourages her clients to project from the inside out, showcasing their real qualities and building their self-esteem in the process.

Evelyn is one of Australia’s most experienced image and personal branding consultants, and is recognised as a preferred trainer of image professionals entering the industry. She is the founder and director of First Impressions Image Training and Consulting, a certified image professional with the Association of Image Consultants International® and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Archetypal Coaching.

Evelyn has developed and created the Definitive Colour Profiling System for image and colour professionals internationally. She is the co-author of Executive Style published by Prentice Hall, a contributing author of Socially Smart & Savvy and Business Millionnaire.

Robin Powis AICI CIP

Sydney Based

What if there was an even better way to smarten up your wardrobe?

Robin will help you look and feel your absolute best to introduce you to the season trends that are perfect for you. Robin is Wesson’s Executive Stylist in Sydney and will help you discover a new way of dressing to reflect who you truly are.

Robin is founder of Defining Style, a well-respected image consultancy with over nine years’ experience in the industry. Robin is 1 of only 7 Image Consultants in Australia who are internationally certified with Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and one of 109 Image Consultants worldwide. Robin is the Sydney Style Advisor for ‘Women on Boards’ and ‘My Outplacement’; and was nominated for the 2014 Telstra Business Awards.

As an Image Adviser Robin defines your individual style so you stand out in a crowd, not look like everyone else.

Monique Leahy

Perth Based

Monique Leahy started Look Good 2 Feel Good Image Consulting in 2006. She is also a Registered Nurse with a diverse business background in Health, Safety, Retail, Sales, and Training. After a decade of personal suffering having walked the path of ‘trying’ to look good when ‘feeling’ anything but good she qualified as a certified Colour, Style and Image Consultant and Member of AICI in 2006.

Nearly a decade later that journey has gone even deeper. In 2015 she re-Launched her business as Look Good 2 Feel Good- Self Care and Image Coach applying the triad of Healthy Mind, Body and Soul to her work as an Image Consultant. She is passionate about the way we use Colour and how that changes and impacts the way we feel about ourselves. When working with clients she takes into account your lifestyle, business, personality, body shape, budget and wardrobe needs. Monique is committed to enabling women to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem, which sparks their own individual creativity and style. This personal transformation empowers YOU to flourish and project a confident image of yourself that truly reflects who you are on the inside.

When dressing authentically the inner beauty is reflected externally and you are able to SHINE and be the most brilliant version of YOU!

At Style by Wesson the opportunity to demonstrate new possibilities of dressing your gorgeous self with incredibly fabulous labels with a wonderful team in an exceptional environment is my idea of heaven… Keep on Shining! Love Monique.