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Geri Leijon

Geri Leijon, owner and Director is available for auditing your wardrobes. Geri has been dressing and styling women for success in Australia for over 40 years. Geri has a reputation for sourcing ‘classic edge’ styles from across the globe, creating client wardrobes that are as unique and chic as her loyal clientele.


Seasonal Wardrobe Audit

Get ready for the new season ahead with your very own wardrobe audit.

Do you have a wardrobe full of nothing to wear? Would you like to know what’s really going on in there so that you don’t make the same mistakes again? During this express wardrobe audit, Geri will quickly identify what is working well and what is no longer serving you. She will educate you to identify perfect fit and which pant shape is best on you.

Step One: We commence with a 10 minute phone coaching session.

Step Two: Next we meet in your wardrobe for a 50 minute hands on session. If you prefer, you may choose to bring a bag of garments to the store for a private appointment at a time to suit you.

Wardrobe Fee: $247


Half Day Wardrobe Audit and Organise

More than getting ready for the season ahead, this is a complete wardrobe makeover and sort. We help you clarify what you need and what you don’t need or that are just not working for you and pinpoint the missing pieces that we can shop for at Wesson.

Step One: We will come out and check your wardrobe, help you clarify what you need, cull what you don’t and fit clothes we can resurrect.

Step Two: We then re organise your wardrobe into seasons and outfits to include your shoes, bags, dresses, jackets, pants and skirts. Then decide what to shop for from Wesson.

Wardrobe Organise Fee: $597

What Geri’s Clients have to say

I have been a customer at Wesson since 1975. For over 35 years Geri has put together my wardrobe for me, increasingly doing all my buying for me. I have greatly appreciated this as it means that I can get beautiful clothes which she has chosen particularly to suit me, and all in my local area with no shopping stress. More than that, I have appreciated her understanding of my needs and insight into my personal style. I love going overseas to places like Italy, seeing top designer’s windows and thinking ‘I can get that in Ivanhoe’. Geri has built up a staunch clientele, of which I am one. She offers a personal and much-valued service.

Dr Jan Schapper
Senior Fellow Graduate School of Land and Environment
The University of Melbourne

For many years now, I have relied on the team at Wesson to guide me to discover my natural style and have confidence in keeping current with the latest fashions. With their guidance, I enjoy the opportunity to not only look professional at work, but even more rewarding it is a great feeling when your children are pleased to be seen with their Mum socially. Thank you Geri for encouraging the play with styles attitude I now have, and for bringing so many great looking signature pieces to my wardrobe.

Lynnette Terrett
Director Spatial Technologies, Iconyx Division
RapidMap Global Pty Ltd

Other stylist services

Pick your own from the list below – can’t find it? Please ask – we can help!

  • Advice on colours
  • Advice on what styles suit your shape best
  • What pieces to have in the wardrobe to create 20 outfits for one season
  • Special event coming up? 1 hour personal shopping appointment at Wesson for your special outfit
  • Fast wardrobe audit to identify bridging pieces prior to Style booking

Prices on request

If you have specific requirements please do not hesitate to ask – We are here to help!!

Please call us on 03 9499 1992 and we will arrange your appointment.